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Hot muscular straight men being captured, forcibly stripped, molested & humiliated.

* Beefy jocks in uniform

* Well built businessmen in suits

* Superhero’s in costumes

Strapping studs have their clothing ripped and cut to shreds, exposing their strong naked bodies.

These studs are tied and gagged as they are subjected to being molested, oiled, spanked and terrorized.


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Ronny in Trouble


Muscle Boy


J.B. in Trouble


John in Trouble


Hockey Player Tony 


Locker Room Abuse

Alex in Military Bound


Luke in Trouble


Bo in Trouble


Hazed Jock in Trouble


Chris and Scott


David in Trouble

Stripped, Dildoed and Jerked Off


Franco in Trouble


Prince Enchanting


Football Hero in Trouble


Eric in Trouble


Bound and Abandoned


Late Night Encounter


Mark in Trouble

Young Bank Executive's Nightmare


Rip Stripped Jock


Homophobe in Trouble


Guido in Trouble


Shaun in Trouble


Ralph in Trouble


Mark's Terrifying Encounter


Competitive Body Builder in Trouble


Sculpted Muscle Adam


The Landscaper


Superhero Stripped and Manhandled


Repair Man Naked and Milked


Trouble with the Boss


Trooper in Trouble


Muscle Man Anthony


Michael in Trouble


Tuxedo Strip Reveals Embarrassing Hard On


Drunk, Erect and in Trouble


Muscle Man Bound at the Gym



Muscle Man Spanked at the Gym


Anthony in Trouble


Web Cam Nightmare


Forced Self Bondage


Bad Cop Spank - Randy

Bad Cop Spank - John


Superhero Spanked


The Coach Takes Control

Sobbing Soccer Player


Cheater Gets Disciplined

The Cowboy






Privacy Statement

 Payment Options

Shipping Info

USC 2257