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The higher numbered archive pages are the most recent.

The New Model - Part 1


Scott takers matters into his own hands and administers an intense spanking to a prospective 

young model without Rich's permission that has the poor confused young man crying and

 humiliated. Scott begins with an OTK spanking with his hand, while verbally reprimanding 

the new model, then moves to a slim wooden paddle which he uses with a heavy 

hand to redden and bruise young David's tender ass. David becomes defiant several times 

but is swiftly beaten into submission by Scott until he's in tears and struggling to cope with 

the pain. Next, Scott stands David up and takes to the 20 year old's ass with a 

thick leather paddle relentlessly as David screams and cries, grimaces, and whimpers 

with each blow. With David still standing in a submissive pose Scott unleashes swift and 

heavy strikes with a wooden cane that have David's whole body reacting to each 

strike landed on his heavily beaten ass that is until Rich arrives and wants some 

answers to what's going on.

The New Model - Part 2


Rich is furious when he catches Scott spanking his new model and demands an explanation. 

Scott stutters and tries to justify his actions but Rich isn't hearing it. To Scott's horror, 

he's ordered to drop his pants and the paddle is turned over to the new boy 

to punish Scott. The young twink is a natural, and he relishes the chance to get revenge 

as he delivers a punishing spanking to our hunky Scott, delivering hard blows right from 

the start as he spanks, taunts and lectures the guy who just spanked him. 

Rich seems to enjoy the sight of this little guy beating his muscular assistant. David punishes 

Scott with everything from a leather paddle and ruler to bath brush and switch, but he 

really comes alive delivering blows with a crop which have Scott screaming out in pain, 

his muscular legs trembling and his big dick flopping about as young David laughs 

and beats him some more.

The New Model - Part 3


Rich now sets things straight with his own discipline. First he takes young David over his 

knee and spanks the model's red ass to assert his authority and take the boy down 

again after he was allowed to spank Scott. Then he turns his attention to his wayward 

assistant. Rich puts Scott on his knees in front of him and takes the crop (which he knows 

is Scott's most feared instrument) to the defiant assistant's already bruised ass. 

Rich delivers blow after blow while lecturing Scott on his role in the company and 

who the boss is. Rich disciplines Scott for his straight defiance and recklessness with each 

strike as Scott screams in pain and begs for forgiveness. Finally, Scott is given 25 final 

painful lashes, with which Rich leaves him, collapsed, sweaty, and breathing heavy to 

think about his defiance and lessons learned.

David Spanked - Part 1


Our hunky straight boy auto mechanic came by for a spanking, seems he's always looking 

for extra money to support his family. This time he arrived still in his work clothes, looking so 

sexy. Rich knew he was going to enjoy making this tough guy scream like a bitch . 

There were few smart mouthed comments from David this time as Rich had him 

humble and respectful, crying out in agony with every stroke. In Part 1 Rich put the stud over 

a barrel and spanked him with a wooden paddle. By the time he lowered the young man's 

pants and shorts, he had him dancing in agony, relentlessly applying stroke after stroke 

to his muscular ass. 


David Spanked - Part 2


In Part 2 David gets a serious OTK spanking with a bath brush until his ass is red and sore 

and he's thrashing about and kicking on Rich's lap and crying out in pain with every stroke.

David Spanked - Part 3


In part 3 David is tied to the spanking bench, his ass hole and balls on display in this 

undignified position, for a long agonizing whipping with the riding crop and cane until

 he's broken and humiliated.

Mike Spanked - Part 1


Mike is a 20 year old college student and former high school athlete (football, baseball and soccer) 

who's just full of that straight boy attitude and self confidence that make you want to take him down. 

You're gonna love watching me take his pants down, pull him over my knee and spank him with 

my hand and bath brush until he's lost it all, yelping and kicking his long, sexy legs like a  bitch, 

totally unconcerned with how undignified he looks. Then I have him stand and 

further humiliate him by holding him by the cock and balls to keep him in place while I continue 

spanking. Part 1 includes a free 2 minute interview so you get to know him. 

Trust me, it will make you appreciate the spanking even more.

Mike Spanked - Part 2


In Part 2 Mike is tied to a bench and gets it hard with the crop on his hunky ass and thighs 

until he's completely broken and unable even to speak coherently. We've included 

a "point of view" segment where the viewer gets the feeling of cropping Mike himself.

John Gets a Lesson in Responsibility and Commitment - Part 1


Rich referred John to do some modeling work for his friends at   But 

they complained that he showed up late and hung over, and was only able to complete about 

half the sets scheduled. They paid him but needless to say they weren't happy and 

Rich was embarrassed. What better reason to make another spanking video?  Rich even 

punished at the Straight Up Guys office in the presence of the photographer he'd offended. 

He stripped the young model and spanked him by hand, with a bath brush and cane while 

lecturing him on responsibility and commitment and a proper work ethic until he was 

howling, sobbing and apologizing for his bad behavior as the Straight Up Guys 

staff watched and gloated.

John Gets a Lesson in Responsibility and Commitment - Part 2


In Part 2, Rich really turned up the heat as he whipped the rude model with a cane as he sobbed, 

apologized and begged Rich to please stop

The Late Model - Part 1


Rich administered another real life spanking to a misbehaving model in this clip. Louis is a 

23 year old straight college student who showed up 90 minutes late for a video shoot, which 

gave Rich a real reason to punish him. The result is a very realistic scene of a young hunky 

straight guy spanked and caned until he's apologetic and begging for forgiveness. Rich 

started out with the bad boy OTK and standing, spanked by hand and with a wooden 

paddle, until he was yelling, cursing and dancing around.


The Late Model - Part 2


In Part 2, Rich relentlessly caned his ass as Louis begged him to stop "it stings real bad" 

he pleaded.  "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it'll never happen again" he promised, then begged "please

 use something else, that hurts so bad." But Rich was only getting warmed up, nothing angers 

him more than young guys who keep him waiting. He caned and lectured the hunk as be 

pleaded "stop with that thing, I can't take any more." His muscular body was tensing and 

flexing with every stroke of the cane. Finally, Rich took him back OTK and spanked his 

raw ass with a long handled bath brush as he finished his lecture while the now broken 

and humiliated Louis kicked and begged "Oh my God, when is it going to end." Louis 

has been on time for all subsequent shoots.


John - Part 1


This video clip features John, a hot straight 21 year old who Rich spanks until he's totally broken, 

crying and apologizing for his errors. Coach spanks John OTK with his hand and cane.


John - Part 2

In Part 2, Coach disciplines John OTK with a bath brush until he's crying like a little bitch.


John - Part 3


In Part 3, the coach uses a riding crop on the wayward player as he cries like a baby, 

apologizing repeatedly for his errors as he begs him to stop.

Spanking Ricky, Drew and Ralph - Ralph Part 1


Part 1 begins as Scott has Ralph strip down to his underwear, and warms his ass by hand. Scott 

then has Ralph drop his underwear and continues to spank by hand. Then Scott decides to cut 

the warm up short, and get right into abusing this sexy model's ass. He uses a thin wooden paddle to 

work on Ralph's sweet ass and in no time Ralph is letting out screams with each strike. Scott makes 

Ralph stand with his hands on his head to take his beating like a man.  Scott then uses the metal ruler,  

mixing slow heavy handed strikes with faster constant strikes. Scott makes Ralph dance, beating him 

on his cherry red ass, then commands Ralph to stay in one spot as he works the screaming muscular 

boy over. Ralph's ass is red and bruised by this point, but the beating is far from over.

Spanking Ricky, Drew and Ralph - Ralph Part 2


Part 2 begins as Scott decides its now time to tie this stud up and really get down to business. 

He ties him to the spanking bench with his muscular ass in the air and his balls exposed and 

soon has him howling out in pain with a frat paddle, cane and crop. Over and over again poor Ralph 

cries out in pain until Scott decides to play a trick. He stops the beating and asks Ralph which 

instrument hurt the most. Thinking the beating is over and this is the post interview, Ralph tells 

him it was the frat paddle, and he's horrified when Scott thanks him for the info, takes up the paddle 

and continues beating him with the instrument he hated most.

Spanking Ricky, Drew and Ralph - Drew Part 1


Drew was nervous and not very excited to make this video, and it became apparent to him early 

on as Scott spanked him over-the-knee that he wouldn't be enjoying himself much today. Scott used a 

variety of tools on the reluctant boy's ass including his hand, a paddle, a ruler and hairbrush. It 

turns out Drew doesn't have a high pain threshold as sweat and tears begin to flow after about 5 

minutes into the scene. Scott continued to beat Drew's red and bruised ass mercilessly, making 

Drew pay severely for the situation he got himself into. 

Spanking Ricky, Drew and Ralph - Drew Part 2


Now totally broken and crying like a baby, Drew's discipline continued OTK with a hairbrush and 

with the riding crop as he lay whimpering across the table. Finally, he's made to stand, 

with his wrists restrained at his sides, to receive a heavy caning while he continued to cry, 

his eyes now red and swollen. To show his gratitude, Drew is ordered to count his final 25 lashes 

with the cane, and thank the viewers, who by purchasing this video, were the ones who actually 

helped him out of his situation.

Spanking Ricky, Drew and Ralph - Ricky Part 1


Ricky came to us from our friends over at, , they mentioned the opportunity t

o do some videos with us. Ricky, adamantly declined, saying he would NEVER do any type of 

guy/guy video, including spanking, but fast forward a few months and Ricky decides he's going 

to throw himself a 24th birthday party at a NYC nightclub, and needs the money.  So he called us 

to do what he said he would never do .  Rich takes Ricky OTK, and begins to spank him with his hand.

 Even this makes Ricky uncomfortable. Next, Rich sends Ricky to retrieve  a thin black leather paddle 

and paddles Ricky's bare ass with it.   Ricky realizes at this point that he wasn't making easy money, 

and he would be paying for his party with his ass. 

Spanking Ricky, Drew and Ralph - Ricky Part 2


Rich has Ricky stand with his hands on his head and spanks him with the wooden ruler. Ricky 

won't stay still so Rich further humiliates Ricky by making him dance while being spanked, then orders 

Ricky to keep his feet in place while he is rapidly smacked.   Ricky's facial expressions and body 

tension are particularly hot at this point. Since Ricky was struggling to stay in one place, Rich tied 

him to the spanking bench for the finale. Once tied, Rich whips him using the riding crop as Ricky 

struggles, curses, and screams with every strike, but his bruised and red ass is right there for Rich to 

use as he pleases.

Kurt - Part 1


Kurt, who is a 21 year old unemployed straight boy, a friend of a friend of mine. He approached me 

about making a spanking video since he was broke and needed money fast.  I told him I wanted 

to do an intense spanking video, showed him a few minutes of a previous spanking video, and explained 

my policy of only paying $50 if the guy doesn't finish a shoot. He agreed.  It's clear from the look on his 

face that he was not happy about this at all and was scared. I stripped this little straight boy, put him over 

my knee and started spanking him with my hand, a few different paddles, and finally a hairbrush. After a 

few minutes with the brush he was sobbing and crying like a little boy. When he started shouting at me, 

I knew I'd better get him on the bench and tied down.

Kurt - Part 2


Once he was on the bench, I continued spanking with a paddle, ruler, whip and finally my 

riding crop. All the while he was sobbing, crying, cursing, calling me a bastard, and just generally 

disgracing himself. At one point I had him begging "please stop Rich, please please stop". This is 

not how a 21 year old straight boy is supposed to act. He didn't take well to spanking, that's for sure. 

When it was finished and I untied him he jumped up, had his clothes on in a flash, took his money 

and was out the door.

Kurt - Part 3


Once he was on the bench, I continued spanking with a paddle, ruler, whip and finally my 

riding crop. All the while he was sobbing, crying, cursing, calling me a bastard, and just generally 

disgracing himself. At one point I had him begging "please stop Rich, please please stop". This is 

not how a 21 year old straight boy is supposed to act. He didn't take well to spanking, that's for sure. 

When it was finished and I untied him he jumped up, had his clothes on in a flash, took his money 

and was out the door.



Straight Strippers Spanked - Alex Part 1


Have you ever seen one of those hot young boxers in their sexy shorts and had the fantasy taking 

him over the knee for a humiliating spanking. Well Rich had an opportunity to do just that, turning 

a cocky young boxer into a screaming, begging bitch. Alex is a hot young man who makes his living 

as both a boxer and stripper. He has a beautifully built and toned body and an attitude to match. But 

regardless of how pleasing to the eye he is just standing in front of the camera, he looks unimaginably 

hotter when he's in pain! After a short interview, Rich takes Alex over the knee to begin his beating. 

Alex catches on quickly that this isn't going to be the easy money he originally anticipated. Rich goes 

through a series of beatings with paddles and rulers while Alex screams and squirms, tightening every

 muscle in his body.


Straight Strippers Spanked - Alex Part 2


With Alex tied to the bench, sexy ass in the air and legs spread for all the world to see his 

treasurers, Rich takes the cane to his reddened ass and relentlessly delivers whacks from 

the cane, ignoring his screaming and pleading. Now, it happens that Rich remembered

 being introduced to Alex a few years ago by another model, and the young boxer rudely refused

 his offer to star in a hand job video. No gay stuff for him, he said. So he punishes and scolds the 

young man for his rude rejection as Alex cries out in pain and apologizes profusely. Finally, Alex 

lays draped over the bench, one bruised and sweaty mass of muscle.


Straight Strippers Spanked - Luke Part 1


Luke is a 30 year old straight stripper with a perfectly sculpted body sand tons of attitude who came 

to the United States to live out the American dream: to make money with his good looks and well developed 

body. Today though, he'll cater to a specific audience, the gay sadist community. Can he handle performing 

for folks who enjoy the sight of a hot guy in pain? Rich starts him off over the knee with his hand and large 

leather paddle. The scene had just begun, and you could see that Luke had underestimated the severity of 

what he signed up for. Rich continued to paddle his reddened ass with a second leather paddle.


Straight Strippers Spanked - Luke Part 2


Luke was trying to dodge and get away, so Rich tied him to the spanking bench and took the riding 

crop to his ass. Luke then receives a long, painful cropping, which he didn't take like a man. He 

struggled to maintain his composure after each lash but he was ultimately broken. Then Rich finished 

him with 25 more, making Luke count each one and thank him.


Straight Strippers Spanked - Cody Part 1


In this scene, you get to watch a handsome, sexy young man broken and humiliated. Cody is a 

24 year old stripper. We begin by having him do a strip tease for Scott. With Cody's ass cheeks 

wiggling right in front of him, Scott wastes no time getting the yardstick to help put a little beat in 

Cody's step.  Scott allows Cody to pick the next instrument he is to be beat with. Cody returns, and is 

over Scott's knee, receiving whacks from the leather paddle he chose. Next, its Scott's turn to choose, and 

he chooses the one thing Cody didn't want used; the hairbrush. Scott takes the brush to Cody's ass turns

 it bright red right before your eyes. Cody is at a breaking point, stuttering and weak kneed, he clings to 

Scott for support as the beating continues.


Straight Strippers Spanked - Cody Part 2


Next, he's tied to the spanking bench and Scott returns with the riding crop and he crops Cody's 

ass very intensely. Cody's screams get increasingly louder and he struggles to break free of the ropes. 

He's mentally fucked with  as well, being led to believe several times that he'd reached the end. Finally, 

again after he thought it was all over, Scott returns with a bamboo cane, and delivers 25 heavy handed 

blows to Cody�s ass as the poor young man screams and writhes in his bonds.


The Girlfriend's Father - Jason Part 1


Jason is the boyfriend of Rich's youngest daughter and the laziest slacker around. In the two years 

since high school he hasn't done much other than play video games and go out drinking every night 

with his pals. His work history is littered with minimum wage jobs. Rich decides its time to get this 

boy on track. The stakes are quite clear, wise up or forget being with his daughter. Jason has a hard time 

believing this is happening, and his humiliation and resentment is evident throughout his ordeal, but as 

he's over Rich's knee with a reddened ass, it does begin to sink in. Jason receives his discipline quite 

stoically, getting disciplined OTK with hand, paddle and ruler.


The Girlfriend's Father - Jason Part 2


In Part 2, Rich continues to spank the young boyfriend of his daughter, hoping to

instill a sense of responsibility.  Poor Jason is humiliated, but does his best to

maintain a sense of dignity as Rich blisters his ass with a hairbrush.


The Girlfriend's Father - Carlo Part 1


Carlo is a laid back types without a care in the world,  and over the past few months it has been 

moving more and more into his work ethic. Rich, not happy with this, decides its time to have a talk 

with his future son in law. He walks into Carlo's office, only to find Carlo with his feet up on his desk 

playing solitaire. Rich has now had enough. He created a position in the company to give Carlo the 

opportunity at a decent paying job, and now that Carlo hasn't accepted his future father-in-law's first 

helping hand, the second will now be given in a much firmer manner. 


The Girlfriend's Father - Carlo Part 2


He progresses through spanking the boy with various instruments such as: hand, metal ruler, and 

finally a hair brush, all the while lecturing the young man on what it takes to be successful in 

the workplace. Finally, after the heavy handed discipline has come to an end, the humiliated Carlo is sent to 

stand in the corner to reflect on what he has learned.


The Girlfriend's Father - Carlo Part 3


He progresses through spanking the boy with various instruments such as: hand, metal ruler, and 

finally a hair brush, all the while lecturing the young man on what it takes to be successful in 

the workplace. Finally, after the heavy handed discipline has come to an end, the humiliated Carlo is sent to 

stand in the corner to reflect on what he has learned.


The Girlfriend's Father - Bo Part 1


Bo has the most problems of Rich's three sons-in-law, he's an unemployed, disrespectful, loser with 

a smart ass mouth. He obviously didn't have parents who took the time to teach him things such 

as respect and discipline growing up. Luckily, Rich has decided that he isn't too old to learn to 

become a decent upstanding adult. Bo walks out at first when Rich informs his immature son-in-law 

that he intends to spank him, but he returns a short time later after realizing he would loose his girl if he 

doesn't submit to her father. Rich starts out spanking the punk boyfriend over the knee, but as he 

continues to run his mouth, Rich realizes this one is going to take a little extra care.


The Girlfriend's Father - Bo Part 2


Rich realizes that his punk future son-in-law is going to take a little extra effort to humble and break. 

He just keeps on making smart ass comments and showing a total lack of respect for his elder.  Rich  moves 

on to beating him with a metal ruler and then a leather paddle and for a while this seems to be doing the 

trick.  Bo is showing a bit or respect and seems to be getting the message that it's time to grow up.


The Girlfriend's Father - Bo Part 3


Bo's show of remorse and respect is short lived however, and soon he's back to making wise cracks 

and insulting Rich, even while he's over the knee receiving an embarrassing and painful spanking.  

Rich has had enough.  He grabs his cane and begins to whip the smart mouthed young man

 into submission.


The New Boss - Part 1


Scott and RC never really got along as co-workers, but when Scott gets a promotion and is 

now RC's boss the scales are definitely tipped in Scott's favor. When RC arrives at work, 

late as usual, he reports to his new boss, who is all to eager to point out to him his below par 

performance. Scott believes what RC lacks is discipline, and he's quite ready to administer a 

spanking to exercise the power he now has over R.C. and to help the young employee get on track. 

At first RC isn't going for it and leaves, but then returns when reality sets in and he realizes he 

needs this job and really has no choice. R.C. reluctantly submits and Scott takes his subordinate 

over the knee and begins to spank him.


The New Boss - Part 1


Throughout the spanking he takes the time to explain to RC where his performance is lacking. 

The spanking intensifies with various tools from around the office, including a ruler, hairbrush, 

and Scott's belt as the humiliated R.C. kicks his legs and thrashes about on his former 

co-worker's lap.


The New Boss - Part 1


Finally, after his bottom is nice and red and he's totally humiliated, he is told to collect

 his clothes and get to work.


The Team Manager - Part 1


In this scene we meet Ronnie, a 27 year old, extremely well hung slacking sports manager. He's 

been faltering too much for Rich's liking, screwing up dates, times, hotel reservations, and 

transportation. He needs to be set straight and Rich knows just what's necessary to 

get it through that thick skull of his. Ronnie is in disbelief when Rich reveals to him just what his 

punishment will be, but then with the threat of losing his position he reluctantly submits. Rich lowers 

the young man's pants, takes him over the knee and begins with a traditional hand spanking.


The Team Manager - Part 2


As the spanking proceeds to paddles, rulers, and a hairbrush on his ever-reddening ass. Ronnie 

did his best to tough it out and tried to maintain composure but ultimately he broke. Finally, we 

see where some of his problems have come from, when he repeatedly messed up counts on whacks 

from the hairbrush (ok he did it right once but we weren't sure) it took six times before he could count 

to twenty five. Thank you sir.


The Team Manager - Part 3


As the spanking proceeds to paddles, rulers, and a hairbrush on his ever-reddening ass. Ronnie 

did his best to tough it out and tried to maintain composure but ultimately he broke. Finally, we 

see where some of his problems have come from, when he repeatedly messed up counts on whacks 

from the hairbrush (ok he did it right once but we weren't sure) it took six times before he could count 

to twenty five. Thank you sir.


The Spanked Contractor - Part 1


Tony is your typical contractor unable to meet a deadline. Rich has an upcoming party and the work 

on his basement is nowhere near being completed. Tony has excuse after excuse, but Rich doesn't 

want to hear any of them. Now, not only does Rich want the job done in a timely fashion, he also 

wants to teach Tony a lesson. He was prepared for this and knew the muscle boy contractor wouldn't 

be eager to get over his knee, but he did know Tony needed the final payment when the job was 

complete, so with really no choice, Tony is over Rich's knee and being spanked in no time. Tony, 

still in disbelief, and feeling slightly lightheaded, feels his pants and shorts being lowered as Rich 

begins to spank him like a boy.


The Spanked Contractor - Part 2


This contractor really has a beautiful, muscular body, and the sight of him over Rich's knee being 

spanked is almost ridiculous.  Tony struggles to maintain his composure but he's soon yelping 

and crying out in pain, trying to compromise and reason with the enraged Rich.  He'll do anything to

 get this humiliation to end.


The Spanked Contractor - Part 3


Tony, still in disbelief that this is going on, takes an intense spanking from Rich. As Rich beats his 

ass with a yard stick, the contractor yells out in agony.  By the end he's bent over a barrel, 

naked, humiliated and cowering while Rich spanks him with a hairbrush as he tries to protect his ass 

with his hands.  He kicks and screams, he even form a sentence as he tries to beg for another chance.  

Finally, when Rich thinks he's had enough, he orders the contractor to grab his clothes and get 

dressed outside.


Jay - Part 1


Jay is a 27 y/o str8, unemployed sales rep who lives with his girlfriend in Canada. This former 

semi-pro hockey player was brought to me for a spanking by one of my customers, an older 

man named George. George thought that Jay could make a few videos to catch up on his rent, and maybe 

learn something about financial responsibility. Jay reluctantly agreed to the spanking.  I beat his 

ass raw. He cursed, he yelled, he even lifted the heavy wooden frame he was tied to off the floor. 

He behaved like a hockey player. This boy has a bad temper. He says "I must be the dumbest person

 in the world to get tied up and do this". This guy is tough. In Part 1, this big hockey player is spanked 

OTK by hand, paddles and hairbrush like a little boy.

Jay - Part 2

In Part 2, Jay is tied to a rack and gets a severe beating with paddles, a ruler, yardstick, whip and crop.


Frank - Part 1


Frank is a 20 year old straight boy who agreed to make a spanking video for the money. He is 6'2", 

likes to play basketball and hockey and is full of straight boy arrogance, bragging about his 

reputation in the neighborhood for his horse dick "I put a lot of girls through pain with it" and the fact that 

he fucks so many girls. I broke that big boy. I spanked him OTK by hand and paddles, but when 

I spanked him with a ruler he was begging for a break. 


Frank - Part 2


In Part 2 I really broke this boy.  I spanked him with a whip and he started begging "stop, please stop" 

very softly at first, then louder until he just broke down sobbing. I finished the spanking with the riding 

crop and he cried like a baby.


Spanked Athletes III - John Part 1


John will do anything to make it to a major league team, including accepting punishment 

from an interested scout. His performance has been slipping, and the scout wastes no time taking 

this muscular baseball player over his knees for a spanking. John is in shock, but realizing the scout 

can do a lot to help his career, he reluctantly strips as ordered and takes his punishment, but not like

 a man. In Part 1 he's spanked OTK by hand and with a ruler.   He tries to hold up and take 

it like a man but he finds the experience humiliating.


Spanked Athletes III - John Part 2


In Part 2 he's ordered to stand and strike muscle poses while he's spanked with a yardstick. 


Spanked Athletes III - John Part 3


Finally, he's spanked OTK with a hairbrush until he's kicking and carrying on like a little bitch. 

The humiliated young man then has to stand naked in front of the scout while he's scolded, 

and informed that he can expect more of the same if he expects to be recommended to the team.


Spanked Athletes III - R.C. Part 1


R.C. is a quiet, shy young track star in danger of being dropped from the team because his 

grades are failing. His coach decides that the young man isn't too old for an old fashioned, 

bare bottom spanking. R.C. stares in disbelief as he's informed that his coach intends to spank him. 

But realizing he has no choice, he reluctantly goes over the old mans knee and is spanked by hand 

over his track shorts.  His coach then lowers the shorts and R.C. struggles to act like a man as his 

bare ass is pounded with a paddle.


Spanked Athletes III - R.C. Part 2


The poor, shy boy must stand submissively while his coach strips him and spanks him fully 

exposed with a paddle, then it's back over his knee and the spanking continues with 

paddles and a hairbrush, until the young man is in tears as he kicks his long, sexy  legs 

and thrashes about on his coach's lap. 


Spanked Athletes III - R.C. Part 3


To make sure the point isn't missed, the coach strings him up from the rafters and delivers a 

long, stinging punishment with the cane as he dances about crying in agony and  

promising to improve his grades.


Spanked Athletes III - Adam Part 1


Adam is an exchange student and soccer player with a fit, muscular body and a smart mouth. His

 host has been informed that the boy has been missing practice. Adam's scholarship money depends 

on his staying on the team. His host decides that a spanking is in order and with his friend Randy 

present and eager to watch, he orders the young man to strip and get over his knee. Adam refuses 

at first, but his host threatens to call his parents and send him home, then takes him by the ear to 

force his compliance. Adam is spanked OTK by hand, paddle, ruler and belt as Randy 

enjoys the show. 


Spanked Athletes III - Adam Part 2


Clad only is his jock strap, the young man must stand for a spanking with the ruler, ensuring 

that Randy has an unhindered view of his muscular body as it reacts to each stinging blow.  

The humiliation of being nearly naked and spanked like a boy is only intensified by Randy's presence.


Spanked Athletes III - Adam Part 3


Adam's still making smart comments and not showing respect for his host, who decides it's time 

to break the young man. He strings him from the rafters and he and Randy cane the young man 

together until he's crying and begging them to stop. Then he's given a hard spanking OTK with

 the hairbrush to finish him off until the humiliated young man is crying, kicking his legs and 

promising to show up for practices and to be more respectful to his host.


Tim's Spanking and Foot Torture - Part 1


This clip contains an intense spanking and foot whipping scene.  Tim is an adorable 24 y/o gay guy 

who had recently quit his job at a tanning salon and needed some quick cash while he looking for a 

job in his profession. I spanked his trim little ass over my lap, standing, tied on his back and 

finally tied to a stool. He was obviously very scared, the fear in his face before each stroke was 

very noticeable. You can see and hear his suffering slowly but progressively intensify as we proceeded.


Tim's Spanking and Foot Torture - Part 2


In Part 2 I have Tim stand naked and vulnerable as I spank his naked ass with a leather paddle.  

You can see the fear and pain on his face, and he looks at the camera as if appealing for help.


Tim's Spanking and Foot Torture - Part 3


IN Part 3, the whipping continues to intensify, until Tim is writhing, whimpering and crying, 

naked and in pain on the floor, while I spanked his ass and caned his feet.  


Tim's Spanking and Foot Torture - Part 4


In Part 4 I finished him off tied to a stool as he cried and begged, but he hung in there to finish 

the video for the big payoff. Your heart will go out to this boy watching him whimper and cry, 

and seeing the look of fear in his face, he is just so appealing.


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